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Develop your skills at your own pace with Aspiring Heads.

Our forthcoming Aspiring Heads On-Demand programme will be designed for aspiring leaders in education who want to take charge of their professional development at their own pace. The programme consists of a range of learning materials, including videos, informative podcasts, a reflective workbook and opportunities for additional coaching and mentoring.

With this on-demand format, learners can access the course content anytime and complete the modules at their own pace.

Throughout the programme, learners will be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and complete personal tasks, whilst engaging with important topics including upholding values, leading change and challenging mindsets.

Alongside our flagship, this programme also complements any other professional qualification and follows a manageable sequence of modules, enabling you to take practical steps in your personal development through self-directed learning.

This programme is a unique opportunity for aspiring leaders to learn from the founder of Aspiring Heads, Nadine Bernard, and gain a deeper understanding of the journey to headship. The programme is designed to help learners develop well-informed, robust, and reliable skills, enabling them to take charge of their professional development.

Journey with our Founder

Learn at Own Pace

Access to Coaching & Mentoring

Valuable Resources

Empower Your Leadership Journey with Aspiring Heads

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