Aspiring Heads is an award winning 6-month online programme delivered by Nadine Bernard and other academia. The course explores personal development, thought leadership and theoretical teaching.

We will provide learners with an opportunity to develop well-informed, robust and reliable skills in line with the National Leadership Standards, that enables teachers to take charge of their professional development. All learners will have access to the course’s online discussion forum, and we encourage learners to use it. Not only will it serve as a resource for information, but it will also aid in helping learners to build their supportive peer network.

We trust that learners will find Aspiring Heads informative, helpful and encouraging.

We look forward to welcoming learners on this exciting programme over a productive and engaging study period.



Here to Empower and Equip Others

Here to Empower and Equip Others

Nadine Bernard, was just eighteen years old when she attended a leadership event that would not only reinforce her aspirations of working in education but inspire her to pursue Headship. Fast forward just a short few years later, Nadine was considered the youngest black Headteacher in England.

Today, not only is Nadine leading a thriving school community in London, she is also the CEO of a Social Enterprise and a professional executive coach, helping clients to find reward in their work and improve their performance.

Along her career path, Nadine has come to learn that personal development has no expiry date and believes in developing the whole person – from mindset to physical wellbeing, during her 1:1 coaching, both of which impact personal growth, living and leading well.

Nadine’s purpose is to catalyse lasting change in the UK education system, by equipping learners with the support network and tools to achieve higher positions within education.

School Leadership in Britain

School Leadership in Britain


White Headteachers in Britain


Black Headteachers in Britain


White Deputies and Assistants in Britain


Black Deputies and Assistants in Britain



Aspiring Heads 6-month programme, is founded on Nadine’s journey, sharing the pitfalls and necessities of leadership and the components that make a great Headteacher.

Learners will glean from her knowledge and expertise in school leadership. The programme aims to help aspiring black leaders to establish a compelling vision and to uphold their values in leadership.

Though there is a disproportionate number of black headteachers in the UK, currently 1%, Aspiring Heads is based on the premise that innovative, talented, values-driven educators of African and Caribbean heritage, are capable of leading school communities and making the best decisions.

Upholding Values

Growing Pains

Exercising Resilience

The Power of Vulnerability

Leading Change

Challenging Mindsets



Taking your development into your own hands



Leadership Coaching

A supportive and empowering process to help clients find answers to their own questions and take action

Career Guidance

An opportunity to speak to a qualified Careers advisor to consider different career pathways

Application Support

Well informed advice on how to create a well read professional statement

Interview Preparation

Training on tried and tested interview techniques that gain positive results  


Advice on how to effectively connect with others and broaden professional learning network 

Alumni Group

Special membership to life-long professional development to continually advance career

Nadine quickly built up a rapport with me. I felt heard and understood. She has a unique way of pointing out your truth and bringing clarity to the fore. Her questioning skills punctuated my thoughts at the right time and pushed me to reflect on my thoughts. Nadine brought structure to my thoughts and drew me to set meaningful and tangible goals. Throughout she was supportive and when asked, provided mentorship. The difference between coaching and mentoring was exceptionally clear and each were applied at just the right time. I cannot recommend Nadine enough and can’t wait for another insightful session.
Youlande Harrowell

Assistant Principle and Co-Founder, Mindful Equity UK

Nadine has strong values and is completely committed to fairness and equality of opportunity. Her understanding of equalities is sophisticated, and it drives all she does. Nadine is an excellent team member, she is always willing to go the extra mile and she makes important contributions to decision making which moves a project forward. Nadine is a kind and decent person; she is reliable and hardworking. Her commitment to family life is reflected in her strong values and she walks those values every day.
Robin Bosher

CEO of R and A Bosher Education Consultant

Nadine is a leader of great skill and integrity. Her passion and commitment to every young person is quite remarkable. She connects and motivates both students in staff by appealing to their very best nature and bringing that out of themselves. I have enormous admiration and respect for Nadine and always leave every interaction with her feeling inspired.
Liz Robinson

Co-Director, Big Education

I met Nadine when she was at the start of her Headship career through some shared networks. She shared her journey to becoming a young Headtecher and a parent sharing her authentic self and modelling her values – her story resonated with many in the room.

I later visited her at her primary school and witnessed first hand her vision for a child-centred education for her community. We have stayed in touch and our paths have crossed at various events, I have enjoyed following her journey as a school leader as she leads with her heart and invests her passion in lifting others, children and colleagues.

She is a visible role model for women, for BAME, for parents and for leaders who bring their whole self to their role, she leads within and outside of here organisation. I recommend her as an educational leader, a coach, a mentor and a public speaker.

Hannah Wilson

Leadership and Development Consultant

Truly transformative programme that equipped me with practical strategies to work towards career progression. Nadine and the guest speakers evoked renewed confidence on me and built my knowledge of the skills and competencies required to achieve headship. I was pushed out my comfort zone, supported and encouraged to take proactive steps upwards. I have developed a network of educators and began creating mentoring relationships. It has been an empowering experience. 

Omena Osivwemu

Aspiring Heads Student

Before starting AH, I knew the kind of leader I wanted to be but needed to be able to articulate that vision with clarity and confidence. I have been encouraged to take practical steps towards achieving my goals and feel empowered. AH has really shaped who I am today, given me the tools and confidence to delve deeper into key aspects of leadership and take control of my own personal growth. 

Angelique O'Garo

Aspiring Heads Student





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